We’re thrilled to announce that Yvonne Dean, The Stop’s talented Senior Community Chef, has been selected to be a 100KM Foods Brand Ambassador for 2024! We’re proud to have worked with 100KM Foods for many years, with their team supplying an incredible variety of local food ingredients for use across our emergency food access and community building programs. Our partnership is based on a shared vision where everyone has access to nutritious, high-quality food with dignity.



As a 2024 Ambassador, Yvonne will be taking us behind the scenes to highlight the beautiful ingredients we receive from 100KM Foods and their suppliers, how she uses them to cook up delicious meals for our program participants, and the impact this food has on our community.


But first, we’d like to formally introduce you to Yvonne and share a little bit of her story.


Yvonne is a passionate and dedicated chef who has been making a meaningful impact at The Stop for 8 years. She honed her culinary skills under the mentorship of some of Ontario’s most talented chefs, renowned for pioneering the local Ontario food movement and culture. Although, while working in the world of fine dining, Yvonne experienced a transformative shift in perspective. The exclusive nature of fine dining conflicted with her deeply rooted belief that everyone should have access to high-quality food, regardless of economic circumstances. This realization led Yvonne to reevaluate her culinary path and seek a more impactful way to contribute to the community.


Driven by a passion for inclusivity and accessibility, Yvonne found a home at The Stop, where she brings her culinary expertise to the forefront of a mission that goes beyond the kitchen. Yvonne is not just a chef; she is a culinary advocate for social change, using her skills to address food inequality and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy nutritious meals. In a world where food can be a powerful force for positive change, Yvonne stands out as a chef who not only creates delicious food but also works towards a more inclusive and just culinary landscape.



In the realm of sustainable food systems, The Stop sees 100km Foods not just as a supplier but as a like-minded ally. Together, we work towards creating a responsible and viable food ecosystem, where every step is a conscious and intentional stride towards a better future. I really believe that both of us place the enjoyment of good food at the heart of our mission, and I see our continued collaboration as work, towards creating a responsible and viable food ecosystem. 


– Yvonne Dean


We invite you to follow along on Yvonne’s Ambassador journey over the next 12 months. Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming ingredient features, special meals, and a behind-the-scenes look how Yvonne brings life to The Stop’s meal programs


In the meantime, we wanted to start you off with a delicious and straightforward recipe that’s popular in The Stop’s kitchens: Spelt Focaccia. Yvonne opts for K2 Milling’s Loftus All-Purpose Flour and Sparrow Light Organic Spelt, sourced through 100KM Foods, and often tops it with whole canned Stoney Creek tomatoes, feta, and fresh herbs—although the options are endless. This recipe is an easy way to elevate a simple meal and bring comfort during these cold winter days. Enjoy!