The Stop’s Farmers’ Market


The Stop’s Farmers’ Market is one of the few farmers’ markets in Toronto that is open year-round, rain or shine!

We are proud to host over 35 farmers and prepared food vendors who center their work around sustainability, ethical labour practices, and local food. You’ll find an array of produce, meat, dairy, beverages, pickles and ferments, prepared foods, and more that reflect cultural diversity and local seasonality

Our market celebrates community and features weekly pop-ups of new vendors, a community table for advocacy groups and community members to share their cause, and musical performances from local artists.

Open Every Saturday

You can find us at Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, between 8AM and 1PM. From May to October, we’re situated outdoors along the Barns’ walkways, and from November to April, inside the main Barn.


Our Vendors


We prioritize the participation of vendors who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and who are from the LGBTQ2+ community to create opportunities for those who historically may not have been included in farmers’ market spaces. Check out our 2024 Vendors!


The Stop Farmers' Market will be heading outside on May 4th 2024! We can't wait to enjoy the Wychwood Barns Park spaces with you all very soon.


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Explore @thestopfarmersmarket – conveniently located just 10 minutes from Foret™, residents can easily indulge in fresh produce, decadent baked goods, and other locally sourced delights from an array of vendors including farmers, bakers, and artisans. Nestled in Wychwood Barns, it welcomes visitors every Saturday morning — rain or shine, all year round.

Thanks @canderelres ❤️


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The Stop Farmers' Market

The Stop has been operating the Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market since 2009.

The Stop has been operating the Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market since 2009 as an initiative to create space and support for farmers, vendors and artists who offer locally made, ecologically-conscious and ethical goods.

We believe that farmers’ markets play a critical role in food sovereignty where community members can use their dollars to directly support local farmers and vendors, shortening the gap between food consumers and producers while building connections with the people who grow, produce and prepare our food.

The Stop’s Wychwood Barns Farmers’ Market strives to create space for farmers, vendors and community members from diverse backgrounds and is engaged in an ongoing consultation to address barriers to participation in our space.

Swing by The Stop Farmers' Market this Saturday from 8-1pm.

See you then!


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Wood-fired Bannock Demonstration at The Market

Saturday April 13th, 2024 12pm-1pm

Suggested Donation: $20 (includes a bannock making kit & instructions).


Come and see how easy it is to make bannock! Led by the Second Rise Job Training Program (formerly the Sagatay Job Training Program), you will learn about the history and origins of bannock. No experience required! Limited number of spots. To register, reach out to
Stop by the market tomorrow from 8-1pm ✨

What are you most excited to buy tomorrow?
It may be snowing right now, but we’ve got all the sunshine ☀️ inside at The Stop’s Farmers’ Market this Saturday from 8-1pm! ✨

Come visit us then 😃 


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Our Community


Fostering partnerships with community groups is an integral part of our market model. Current market community initiatives include:

Indigenous Foods Table: Each week, residents from Na-Me-Res‘ Sagatay program partner with Shauna Kearns, a local baker, to bring Indigenous foods, such as bannock, cedar tea, and Three Sisters soup, to the market, allowing Sagatay residents to reconnect with their culture and share with market patrons.  

Black Entrepreneur Guest Tables: Since 2022, The Stop’s Farmers’ Market has partnered with the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance to offer tables to graduates from their food incubator and accelerator programs.

Market Bucks Program: The Stop works with hundreds of volunteers each year to support our diverse programming, including the market. In exchange for their time, we offer volunteers market bucks, which they can spend at our market each week!   

Member of marketcityTO: We are proud to be members of marketcityTO, which works to strengthen and support the public market network in Toronto.  

First-Year Vendor Reduced Fee Option: To make our market accessible and affordable to new vendors starting their businesses, we provide the option to pay a reduced vendor fee each week for their first year. 

Community Buds Program: We offer low-cost access to our greenhouse and kitchen space throughout the year for new farmers and food business operators who identify as BIPOC to help address the systemic barriers that individuals from these backgrounds may face when starting their new businesses. 

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Can I bring my dog?   

During the outdoor season (May-October), dogs (on leash) are permitted to roam outdoor park spaces accompanied by their owners.  However, during the indoor season (November – April), dogs are not permitted inside Wychwood Barns.


How do I become a vendor? 

Those interested in becoming a vendor at The Stop’s Farmers’ Market can submit an application when we make our annual call for vendors at the start of each year. For more information, please email us at


How can I apply as a volunteer? 

The Stop’s Farmers’ Market couldn’t operate without our amazing volunteers! We accept volunteers for the market on an as-needed basis. All interested volunteers for the farmers’ market or any of our other programs can apply here.

Please note: volunteers must first attend an orientation before being placed, which can take 1-2 months. We prioritize volunteers who are available bi-weekly on Saturdays. 


How can I apply for a community table?

Community tables are available at no cost to individuals or groups who fall under the following criteria:

  • Are not-for-profit and not selling any items or products
  • Are advocating or looking for support for a community and/or public cause in line with The Stop’s mission and values

All applicants will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and are subject to table space availability.

Apply for a community table here. Please expect a 1-2 week response time.


Is there access to restrooms?  

Yes, public restrooms are available on the first floor of Wychwood Barns during market hours.  


Do market vendors only accept cash? 

Many of our market vendors accept debit, credit, and tap. However, a few of our vendors only accept cash. There is an ATM on the second floor of the Wychwood Barns if needed. 


Are you open year-round? 

Yes! We are open every Saturday of the year unless we fall on a statutory holiday, such as Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. 


Why does a non-profit organization run a farmers’ market? 

At The Stop, our mission is to increase access to nutritious food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and champions equity. While our food bank and Drop-In Meal program are key ways that we meet the urgent needs of our community, our farmers’ market offers other solutions for our local food system. By running a weekly market year-round, we’re able to support local farmers and producers in Ontario, showcase diverse produce and artisanal goods, create space for new businesses and marginalized groups, and provide a space to gather in the neighbourhood.