Staff Directory

Looking for someone? A Stop staff member is based out of one of our three locations:

  • Our 1884 Davenport location houses our community services, administration, advocacy, and fundraising teams.
  • Our Green Barn location (601 Christie St.) houses our urban agriculture and Farmers’ Market teams.
  • Our newest location, The Stop’s Wychwood Open Door (729 St. Clair West) houses a nimble team of community workers, a chef, and a volunteer coordinator.



Shae London, Executive Director
Main Office – 1884 Davenport  
Alisa Kosolvijak, Finance Manager
Tsering Tashi, Finance Coordinator
Winsome Miller, Director of Programs and Operations
Helena Pamic, Senior Coordinator-Volunteer Program
Ella Lightstone, Volunteer Program Assistant
Neye Osakwe, Community Services & Operations Manager
Sharon Anderson, Peer Support Group Co-Facilitator
Yvonne Dean, Senior Community Chef
Katelyn Leckie, Community Chef
Hussein Silva, Community Kitchen Coordinator
Yesica Gonzalez, Community Kitchen Assistant
Jermaine Robinson, Food Bank Service Assistant
Chris Moure, Foodbank Support Worker
Luis Silva, Drop-in Food Service Worker
Denise Nishihiro, Administrative Coordinator
Marie-France Roche, Development Manager
Lucy Furneaux, Director, Development and Communications
Alanna Evans, Communications Officer
Arlene de Vera, Database Administrator
Darija Ilic, Donor Database Associate
Francisco Vidal, Director of Programs and Evaluations
Tania Borja, Healthy Beginnings Program – Sr. Coordinator
Cristina Andrade, Family Support Worker
Laurice Loo, Family Support Worker
Marial Addario, Community Advocacy Coordinator
Joanna Pawelkiewicz, Community Advocacy Program, Sr. Coordinator
The Stop’s Green Barn – 601 Christie  
Hilda Nouri Sabzikar, Urban Agriculture Manager
Jamal La Mont, Mashkikii;aki’ing Program Assistant
Kyla Schwarz-Lam, Farmers’ Market Manager
Marina Dimitrova, Farmers’ Market Assistant
Aras Pars Aykus, Urban Agriculture Program Support Worker
Justine Geroche, Earlscourt Garden Coordinator
Magpie Arancibia, Mashkikii;aki’ing Program Coordinator
The Stop’s Wychwood Open Door – 729 St. Clair Ave  

Bronwyn Cawker, Community Chef
Raymond Mallozzi, Drop-in Engagement Worker