Decades of colonization and oppression must be addressed.

“The math isn’t hard,” said Marlene Poitras, the Assembly of First Nations Alberta Regional Chief. “If we continue to find our children in these numbers, we will see 70,000. Over 20 times more than the TRC naively assumed. This number does not count survivors. This number does not count those children whose remains are now entirely gone from this earth, for whom the country and the church have diligently tried to erase their memory.” 

As an organization, we have sent our representatives a letter calling on them to push forward significant measures to address the harms done to Indigenous peoples by insisting that all levels of government provide adequate resources and attention to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions 94 Calls to Action.  

To learn more, please click here.  

At The Stop, we know that more than one in three Indigenous people in urban areas lives in food-insecure households, including many of our community members. The harms are entrenched in various levels of society, from poverty to health care to physical and cultural dislocation. The treatment of Indigenous peoples is deeply traumatic and ongoing.  Please join us in writing or calling your representatives and asking them to take action locally and beyond.

Find your MPP’s contact information here. Send a letter, call them and ask them to take action now.