Making and managing donations to The Stop has never been easier. 


You may have noticed that we revamped our online donation platform here at The Stop. Contributions made through our website still go towards sustaining our vital programs—only now, supporters of The Stop have the ability to make changes to their donations and access receipts with just a few clicks! Our Database Administrator, Arlene de Vera, gives a rundown of what you need to know.  



Donating to The Stop is now more straightforward and customizable, with improved options such as adding a dedication or comment, changing payment details, and editing gift values. Supporters can also seamlessly set up a monthly donation, which goes a long way in ensuring we’re able to deliver our programs and continue to be there for our community.


The Donor Portal: Accessing receipts and managing donations  


Many of the helpful platform features are found in the Donor Portal, which can be accessed through the follow-up email after making a donation online. Supporters will receive an email from The Stop (The Stop CFC with the subject line: Thank you for your support! This email includes a pdf receipt for the gift, options to manage donation online, and contact details for any questions or concerns. Here’s a look at what to expect:




Upon selecting Manage my donation, supporters will be prompted to log in to the Donor Portal.



Important note: If the Thank You email is not handy, supporters can also access the Donor Portal directly using the log in page:


Once logged into the Donor Portal, supporters can take the following actions:


1. Add a dedication to their gift



2. Edit a monthly gift


By clicking the Edit Payment Details, supporters can change their payment method, credit card number, amount, next payment or schedule of payment, gift frequency, make an extra donation, and cancel a gift.



3. Download PDF versions of receipts for one-time gifts


If assistance is needed at any point in the process, please contact us through the Donor Portal or email us at


Thank you for supporting our work and community!