We’re all in this together

Our food system is connected. Every year, hundreds of restaurants, farms, catering companies, and food vendors generously support The Stop. Their margins are incredibly low, but they still give their products and staff time to ensure that everyone has access to good food. So many of us are struggling right now. Servers and cooks are […]

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Our COVID-19 Plan

In Italiano | En Español *This page is continually being updated* We’re at a critical time for the containment of COVID–19. In response, The Stop Community Food Centre has shifted its resources away from community programming and towards emergency food access services. Our first and foremost priority is to protect the health and well-being of […]

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Claiming Spaces at The Stop

Toronto may be booming, but its women are being left behind. Women are more likely to experience poverty and food insecurity than men, 16.7% are living below the poverty line, and women of colour are earning $12,000 less than white women for equal work. Despite this gap, so many services designed to support low-income people don’t […]

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