Our 2022 Annual General Meeting is fast approaching on Thursday, March 3rd from 6-8pm!

If you believe good food is a human right for all and want to take action to improve food security in your community, you’re eligible to become a member of The Stop Community Food Centre! 

By becoming a Member of The Stop, you have the right to vote at the AGM, elect Board Members, receive future invitations to join us at community consultation events, and hear regular updates on our work. If you wish to be eligible to vote at the upcoming AGM, you must submit your application by Wednesday, February 23rd.

Memberships are completely free, and last for one calendar year.

To sign up, just read and agree with our values statement below, then click the “Become a Member” button to join.

Our Community Values

1. We believe that food access and security are basic human rights.

2. We strive to ensure that emergency food distribution is available to community members and that food access programs, nutrition support and other food-related activities are available in our community.

3. We recognize that problems of food access and security are often related to multiple issues requiring a holistic approach to service delivery. We strive to improve the quality of life for community members through advocacy work, providing information and referral to services, engaging in crisis intervention when necessary and enabling people to take control over their own circumstances whenever possible.

4. The development of mutual responsibility – ensuring that community members work together and depend on each other for inspiration and support- Is important to us and our work.

5. We value working with others by linking activities, integrating programs and maximizing the use of all community resources.

6. We value a strong organization that is financially sound, has qualified and capable staff and volunteers, and provides leadership in the food access and food security sector.

7. In all of our work, we respect each other. We value the unique skills, strengths and experiences of each person and ensure that each person is given the opportunity to make informed choices.

8. We strive to remove all visible and invisible barriers to ensure that our services and programs are accessible.


Become A Member: Register for our AGM by Feb 23rd!