The Stop’s Farmers’ Market

Order from our Farmers

During these difficult times, we are very proud of The Stop’s Farmers’ Market vendors and their extraordinary efforts to comply with isolation efforts while keeping local supply chains alive.

We encourage our Farmers’ Market patrons to keep supporting our local food system by ordering deliveries from our vendors.

The best way to order

We’re working to connect community leaders with vendors looking to make touchless drop offs in their area. Leaders can connect with their neighbours to arrange a large order with a single delivery date.

This reduces the amount that farmers need to drive, and is the best way to help our farms and vendors to keep afloat in these difficult times.

Vendors doing online orders

Nith Valley Organics Farm
Sosnicki Farm
Footsteps Farm
Wheelbarrow Farm
Monforte Cheese
DeLaTerre Bakery
Earth and City
Bee’s Universe
Delish Kitch
Secret Lands Farm
Kurtis Coffee

Vendors doing phone orders

Clover Road Farm 905 768 5499
Webers Pastured Meats 519 353 4113
Fish Shak

Looking for someone?

If you’re hoping to order from a vendor not listed above, email We’ll do our best to connect you.