The Stop’s Good Food Market and Cafe

Good food market and café

high quality, culturally appropriate, affordable produce

Why we run a GFM and Café

The Good Food Market is just one of the ways that The Stop aims to generate sustainable access to healthy foods in underserved neighborhoods. Residential areas without a grocery store within walking distance are called “food deserts” and Good Food Markets were specifically designed to fill the gaps in these areas by bringing healthy foods closer to home. 

Purchasing our produce in large quantities, in season, directly from local farmers, and utilizing our amazing volunteers means that we can keep things affordable. And, by purchasing directly from farmers who are growing locally and sustainably, we are supporting the broader community as well.  

The GFM is a multidimensional food security tool. It allows us to provide reliable access to whole healthy affordable foods in our community while simultaneously supporting our local food economy. But the GFM should be more than place to shop for groceries. The Stop’s focus has always been to design programs that provide access to healthy food and create spaces that foster a sense of community and meet people’s social needs.  

The Stop Café has been a big part of the Farmers Market experience for our Wychwood Barns community members. Like all of our programming, at its root, the Café was a way of bringing people together through good healthy food.  

Our ever-changing menu was designed to highlight our local and seasonal produce. Much of what we used was purchased directly from our market vendors as a way of supporting the local economy and maintaining relationships with our farming community. 

When COVID-19 hit in March 2019, The Stop Café and Good Food Market both had to close. These closures, though difficult, gave us an opportunity to re-imagine some of our programming.  

COVID drew to the surface systemic issues around inequality. While we try our best to design our programming to be as inclusive and barrier-free as possible, the pause of some of our in-person programming allowed us to take a hard look at some of the ways that we are implicated in this system. At its location at Wychwood Barns, The Stop Cafe are inaccessible to many of our community members.  

When we began to look at how we could safely re-open The Stop Café, we resolved to merge the Cafe and Good Food Market programs.      

The GFM at 1884 increases community access to high quality, culturally appropriate and affordable produceWith the addition of The Stop Café, the GFM will now be able to supply our customers with fresh baked sourdough bread, baked goods, healthy prepared foods such as soups, stews and sauces, as well as additional grocery items such as dairy and protein. The Café and GFM will become a weekly community event that provides our Neighbours with an opportunity to meet, connect with each other and gain awareness about community resources, all while they shop for healthy, local, affordable foods!

We don’t just give the food away; the Café and GFM is a hand up, not a hand out. The Stop strives to de-stigmatize what it means to use foodbanks and other drop-in programs.  We facilitate a diverse range of opportunities around access to healthy foods, food literacy and community engagement.  Filling your shopping bags with items you desire and can afford is empowering and the GFM makes this possible. 

How it works

The Café and Good Food Market are open every Tuesday from 12pm – 3pm @ 1884 Davenport Road (around the back) 

The space is wheelchair accessible 

Questions? Let us know at  

How it works

The Café and Good Food Market are open every Tuesday from 12pm – 3pm @ 1884 Davenport Road (around the back) 

The space is wheelchair accessible 

Questions? Let us know at  

COVID Regulations

Please review our COVID rules before entering our space:

The market will operate out of doors. Customers will be required to wear masks, and social distancing protocols will be enforced.  

All prepared food items will be packaged to go and must be eaten outside of the market. 

There is no public access to washrooms 

Cash or card available as payment method for purchases 

Eventually we would like to open the Market/Cafe up to so that neighbors can sit outside together and enjoy their food. We will wait for regulations to change! 

What's on the menu?

There are many seasonal products sold at our Good Food Market, and delicious goodies at our Cafe! Every Tuesday 12pm-3pm, you can buy affordable fruits, veggies, legumes, and spices using cash or debit! Come in and check out the menu, as it will continue to change.

Support locally by making a donation today. Your support helps us offer good food in a way that makes a difference.