We’ve Hit Our $30,000 Goal For Giving Tuesday!

We are so excited to share with you that we’ve just hit our $30,000 matching goal for Giving Tuesday! 

This means that thanks to your generosity—and the generosity of FreshBooks—we’ve raised over $60k that we can use to ramp up our food services over the winter and plan our community programs for the year ahead.

This winter will be a challenging one. Many of our community members still don’t have access to housing, sufficient income supports, or mental health services. They’ll be hit hardest as the winter gets colder.
But we’ll face the cold months with the same spirit that’s gotten us through so far—with a commitment to our community, and a vision for a just and equitable post-pandemic future.

Incredible power comes from people rallying together. You’ve proven it. 

Since we’ve hit our goal for Giving Tuesday, we encourage you to support other great local food organizations if you’d still like to donate today.

This list from the Food Network includes 20 fantastic options, including FoodShare, Afri-Can Food Basket, Not Far From the Tree, Justicia for Migrant Workers, The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, Community Food Centres Canada, and Second Harvest. 

With gratitude,

All of us at The Stop Community Food Centre