It’s the start of the harvest season in our gardens; when the small seeds planted in our neighbourhood, cared for and nourished by staff and volunteers, begin to flourish and provide for our community.  

The entire process is nourishing – from the time in the garden building connections with one another and the land, to the careful preparation in the kitchen to create healthy and culturally appropriate meals, to the experience of sharing a good meal and making sure no one goes home hungry.   Just like our gardens, our communities are made beautiful when we nurture seeds – of food, of connection, of support – which grow and radiate care. From such small beginnings, so much is possible.   It’s also a time of year when our communities come alive with activity – kids playing in parks, neighbours chatting across yards, bustling patios – a return to life outdoors. The joy of good weather – of possibilities – is palpable.  With the joy of the season and harvest in our hearts, today we are launching The Stop’s Garden Harvest Campaign. 

From today until the end of June, thanks to a generous gift from CI Private Wealth, all gifts made to The Stop will be matched dollar for dollar up to $30,000

The demand for our emergency food services, and the cost of providing them, has never been higher.  There was a 61% increase in new food bank clients across Toronto in 2021 compared to 2020. At the same time, the cost of making a single hamper through our food bank has risen by 20% in just one year, from $44 to $53. 

To be plain about it, we need more support. All gifts to The Stop’s Garden Harvest Campaign will help feed and connect our community, and thanks to the matching gift from CIPW, all gifts up to $30,000 will be doubled. 

That’s means your gift of $25 becomes $50, $50 becomes $100, or even $225 becomes $450. 


I hope you are keeping well in these unpredicable times. If you are able, please help us spread the word about this campaign so we can support those in our community hit hardest by the rising cost of food.  In solidarity, Maria Rio, Director of Development and Communications at The Stop