Stop Community Food Centre is proud to present “Community Advocacy Program: 12 Year Review & Renewal.”

Based on findings gathered by our Peer Researchers, this report documents the last 12 years of The Stop’s innovative Community Advocacy program.

More than just a celebration of our accomplishments, the report also critically examines some of the program’s shortcomings and charts a bold course for the future.

What you will find in the report: 

Looking Back: a comprehensive timeline of our program and explanations of some of our key milestones.   • What we learned: description of how the program currently looks (including COVID-19 adaptations), best practices and reflections on some unresolved issues in our program. • Looking forward: blueprint for the future of our program, including 3-year action plan and new logic model.

Who should read this report?  • Board members, Executive Directors and management teams that want to build more people/client-centered organizational cultures  • Food centres and other food-security organizations   • Peer workers and the staff that work with them  • Service-based organizations that want to expand their programming to include more peer-involvement and Adult Education  • Organizations with existing peer-based programming who want to improve or evolve their practices   Want to learn more? 

Join us on Thursday, April 29th from 2pm-3:30pm for a webinar called “Peer-led Advocacy at The Stop: Our 3 Biggest Mistakes and What We Learned from Them”

About The Stop’s Community Advocacy Program 

The Community Advocacy Program fosters community resilience that demands an end to poverty, social injustice and food insecurity by centering peer involvement and supporting community members one person at a time. 

The program has four branches: Peer Leadership & Development, Advocacy Office, Community Advocacy Training & individual support