Food Bank

The Stop's healthy Food Bank provides a three-day supply of food once a month to individuals and families who live in The Stop’s catchment area (north of Bloor, south of St. Clair, west of Dovercourt, and east of Runnymede). Our Food Bank places a priority on providing a dignified environment and the best quality food possible.

In order to register with the Food Bank, you must provide ID with your name and address (as well as ID for anyone else who will be sharing your food). Once you are registered, you will be given a Food Bank membership card.

We believe that a food bank need not compromise dignity and health. Food banks can provide an emergency supply of food while offering a gateway to other supports. Food banks are a band-aid solution to the complex problem of hunger, not the answer.

We are always accepting donations for our food bank. However, before you prepare to make a donation or run your own food drive, please contact our Food Bank Coordinator, rekha [at] thestop [dot] org (Rekha Cherian), at 416-652-7867 ext. 227. We particularly like to receive the following items:

***No dented, expired or unlabeled food please!***

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