The bitter reality of food insecurity

New research finds that chronic hunger shortens lifespans by 9 years.

Food is both a necessity and a human right. But our society doesn’t treat it that way.

1 in 8 Canadians are struggling to put food on the table. If you’re Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour, these rates are even higher.

Now, new research shows that chronic food insecurity is shortening average lifespans by 9 years. In a prosperous country like Canada, this is unacceptable.

At The Stop, we’re tackling this problem by providing nutritious, wholesome, and culturally appropriate food in our community, while we mobilize our supporters to fight for systemic solutions.

We do this work because we’ve seen firsthand the difference it makes. Having access to good food and good company is transformational—both mentally and physically. It nourishes our minds, bodies, spirits, and communities. We know now that it also lengthens our lives.

As part of a CBC News: The National segment on the new research, our colleague Laurice Loo shared her personal experience with food insecurity, how it affected her health and wellbeing, and why we all need to fight for change.

When you support The Stop, you are a part of this fight.

You’re standing up against the injustice of food insecurity, and helping us build a stronger, healthier Toronto.

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