The Stop Team

Come join the team! We’re hiring a Part-time Drop-in/Food Bank worker, deadline February 20th, and a Healthy Beginnings Program Team Lead, deadline February 21st.


1884 Davenport


The Stop’s Davenport location houses our community services, administration, advocacy, and fundraising teams.


Rachel Gray, Executive Director, Ext. 223

Community Programs

Francisco Vidal, Director of Programs, Ext. 231
Sharon Anderson, Emotional Wellness Peer Support Group Co-Facilitator, Ext. 228
Chelsea Atkins-Macchione, Community Gardens Assistant, Ext. 241
Monica Bettson, Community Chef, Ext. 244
Bronwyn Cawker, Kitchen Assistant & Café Manager, Ext. 244
Diane Janzen, Volunteer Coordinator, Ext. 249
Winsome Miller, Community Program Manager, Ext. 227
Sumayah Musse, Community Connections Assistant, Volunteer Program, Ext. 230
Cleopatra Myers, Emotional Wellness Peer Support Group Lead Facilitator, Ext. 228
Joanna Pawelkiewicz, Community Advocacy Team Lead, Ext. 235
Sam Pope, Outreach and Program Support Worker, Ext. 237
Leticia Ramires-Arana, Community Advocacy Worker, Ext 239
Cisco Ribas-Bordas Drop-In Outreach Worker, Ext 224
Christina Rousseau, Community Services Coordinator, Ext. 245
Hussein Silva, Community Cooking Coordinator. Ext. 238
Luis Silva, Drop-in Food Service Worker, Ext. 224

Fundraising & Communications

Leigh Godbold, Director of Development & Communications, Ext. 229
Alec Cumming, Development Officer, Annual Giving, Ext. 225
Kate Fane, Communications Officer, Ext. 250
Cara Goodman, Senior Development Officer, Events/Corporate Partnerships, Ext. 222
Roz Heintzman, Senior Development Officer, Philanthropy, Ext. 232
Ardiana Mustafa, Database Administrator, Ext. 247

Finance & Administration

Althea Whyte, Director of Finance, Ext. 240
Hajer Kocyigit, Administrative Coordinator, Ext. 246
Alisa Kosolvijak, Finance Coordinator, Ext. 236

601 Christie St.



The Stop’s Green Barn location houses our urban agriculture and Farmers’ Market teams.


Green Barn staff

Andrea “Peachtree” Boucaud, Green Barn Manager, Ext. 28
Xuan-Yen Cao, Youth Team Lead, Ext. 26
Jacob Goldfarb, Administrative Coordinator, Ext. 22
Meghan Hass, Farmers’ Market Assistant, Ext. 24
Cookie Roscoe, Farmers’ Market Manager, Ext. 24
Mary Roufail, Greenhouse Team Lead, Ext. 21
Maria Torres, Greenhouse Assistant, Ext. 30
Ping Ya Lee, Greenhouse Program Worker, Ext. 30
Yuan Xu, Community Garden Coordinator, Ext. 25


The Stop’s
Board of Directors

Sarah Powell

Sean Caragata

George So

Stacy McLean

Alison Brennan

Nuria Bronfman

Shae London

Koel Loyer

Joshna Maharaj

Michael Steinberg

Chris Valentine