The issues – Social Isolation

Social Isolation

The issues we fight to address

Why we build community

-people face social isolation Social Isolation is defined as a state of complete or near complete lack of contact between an individual and society.

most of those people are new to canada, do not speak the language, have a physical, social, or mental barrier to community building, digital divide, seniors, from vulnerable or marginalized communities

social isolation causes mental health detriments, feelings of othering, unable to navigate the system, etc

Covid has made this much worse

how our programs build community – peer to peer, volunteer program, CAP, “seat at the table” ideology

benefits to community building and helping people participate fully (feel they belong, want to and are able to participate in social and democratic action, feel responsible for each other, improved social skills, feel empowered to help themselves, others, and their community


  • 80% of garden members surveyed at The Stop Community Food Centre made new friends in the community garden program
  • 90% felt that they belong to a community at The Stop
  • 90% of garden members surveyed reported that The Stop plays an important role in their lives.

I meet nice people and share experiences with other people. I can talk to people. Toronto is a big city and I feel alone sometimes. [Here] I’m involved with something and the garden is alive. You can bring some tomato, salad or callalloo home and they smell good and fresh and you’re proud of something. It’s life.

Community Garden Participant

It has been very difficult because only my husband is working and is not receiving a lot of hours. I am grateful to have the support of The Stop; I do not know what it would be like without this support

Healthy Beginnings Participant


Our nutrition program for new and expecting parents had a great impact on social isolation:
  • 80% of participants indicated they made friends during the program

Explore the issues

Explore the issues

Social Isolation

community building, immigration, mental health detriments

Food insecurity

What do we mean by it, what causes it, and what we can to do fight it.

Economic Injustice

poverty, trauma, minimum wage, ubi, gender and race gap in wealth, precarious work


physical and mental health aspects to unhealthy food which is what people can afford 

physical and mental health aspects to social isolation

Growing Skills

cooking skills, peer-to-peer support and advocacy, food sovereignty 

Systemic Barriers

What do we mean by it, what causes it, and what we can to do fight it.

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