Welcome to The Stop

Welcome to The Stop

What We Do

The Stop uses good food to bring people together. For over 35 years, we’ve connected low-income Torontonians to good food in spaces that are warm, dignified, and respectful. Whether it’s in our urban gardens, at a drop-in meal, or in the community advocacy office, The Stop is a place where everyone is welcomed with a seat at the table.

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Our Community

The Toronto Foundation found that people earning less than $30,000 were 5.3 times more likely to be affected by COVID than those with incomes above $150,000. Many people with lower incomes are essential workers, unable to self-isolate, and forced to work on-site and in close proximity to others. One of the communities we work in, Davenport West, has a median after-tax income of just $27,338 per year. Every day, people in our community are making the impossible choice of paying rent , staying safe, or purchasing food.

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