Grow with us this summer

If you've ever thought about supporting The Stop, now's the time.

This has been an incredibly difficult year for Ontarians who rely on public services. Deep cuts to social assistance, legal aid, health, and education have thrown our community’s most vulnerable residents into crisis.

Many people who walk through The Stop’s doors are now dealing with the fallout—whether it’s an illness, a job loss, or the prospect of homelessness after their rents just kept rising.

Without a safety net to help them bounce back, they struggle to escape poverty and the hunger that comes with it.

The Stop is a place where people who are dealing with fragility can come to be themselves, and to find a way forward. By welcoming them with dignity, warmth, opportunities, and really good food, we provide a safety net that they can’t find elsewhere.

As the number of Torontonians living in poverty grows, this work has never been more important. We have so much vital work that can benefit from your support.


Double your Impact

To help The Stop sustain and grow these much-loved programs, we’re asking you to commit to a small monthly donation.

Our friends at FreshBooks will match all new monthly gifts—dollar for dollar—up to $2,500 before July 15th.

Thanks to our matching donation opportunity, even a $10 gift would make a major impact, enabling us to plan and deliver our vital community programs.

Thank you for supporting The Stop, and our vision of good food for all.