Addressing the harm

The Stop’s mission is to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality. None of these goals can be met without first acknowledging how systemic racism hinders all three—and then taking proactive action to address and dismantle it. Despite our stated commitment to anti-racism, we […]

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Our immediate next steps

The comments and concerns that have been raised are being taken seriously, and have given further urgency to The Stop’s AR/AO (anti-racism/anti-oppression) work. The events of the last six months—not the least of which has been the pandemic—have also highlighted a need to re-examine The Stop’s scope of programming to adequately resource our operations specifically […]

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A Statement from The Stop

On Thursday evening, we made a decision to remove an Instagram post from our feed. As an organization, we cannot condone hate-fuelled and misogynist comments, and once they were appearing on our post, we decided to remove it. This decision made many people feel as though we were silencing BIPOC voices who were sharing important […]

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