Become a Member

Why become a member?

We need to have members in order to operate as an organization. Members are responsible for electing the Board of Directors every year. Secondly, and even more importantly, having members gives us a way to consult with community supporters about our work.

Can anyone be a member of The Stop?

Everyone, no matter what their involvement with The Stop (food bank users, program participants, donors, volunteers or interested individuals), can become a member. All you have to do is to support our mission. We make as few distinctions as possible because we value everyone's opinion equally. Organizations that support our work can also become members. Membership is free, though we ask for a $50 donation from organizational members.

Does membership "have its privileges?"

As a member of The Stop, you will receive a membership card and our regular newsletter. You will also be entitled to elect Board members at the Annual General Meeting, or can choose to run for the Board yourself.

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